Your Questions About: Marijuana Vs Hash

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Jenny asks…

Marijuana butter vs. sprinkling it on food?

Does sprinkling ground up weed have the same effect as butter? Or does one work better than the other? Me and my fiancé are discussing it and I just wondered. I have a medical marijuana card and I don’t need any people saying that its wrong please. Thank you

Potter answers:

Many of use do give a crap. I have epilepsy and enough said. Vaporizing, bubble bags, blunts, bong, butter. If you like to eat it the effects are more subtle and perhaps longer lasting. A good vapor is hard to beat, your gettin the actives. But call me old school there is nuttin like a good blast of hash out of a seasoned wood pipe. O cookin it will change the chemistry slightly but the effects are similar. Not the same. But similar. They are two different compounds but the active ingredient is the same delta 9.

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