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David asks…

Can I grow tobbaco in my home? How much is….?

((not marijuana)) Hello. I live in Kansas. I pay around $3.50 per pack of ciggs (Marlboro Reds). I know that it is bad for my health, but it is my choice and I enjoy it. I would like to save a little money, as I think the goverment taxes too much for my pleasure of smoking, and I have heard that growing your own tobbaco is cheaper than buying them. If I did this, it would be for my PERSONAL use, I would not sell it to anyone. If anything, if someone at my workplace asked me for a cigg (happens often) I would be more than happy to offer a home-grown cigg.
I do not smoke around others that are irritated/disguisted by it, or near children. To my question:
Can I grow my own tobbaco in my house? Say I set a room aside just to grown a couple of plants, is that legal? Also, how big can a plant get, and will 1 plant supply me with a decent amount of tobbaco? (anyone know how many rolled ciggs a plant could make potentially if the plant was very health)? Thank you for your time and answers

Potter answers:

Yes, it would be possible. Check your local laws, but as far as I know it’s completely legal (and I can not think of a reason why it wouldn’t be). I don’t think one plant would be enough, however. It depends on how much you smoke, but after the drying process, you’re not left with very much. On that note, the harvesting/drying process is the difficult part.

Additionally though, you are also saving yourself from all of the harmful additives in mainstream cigarettes. If that in conjunction with saving money interests you, I would recommend looking into buying a pouch of American Spirit tobacco and rolling your own cigarettes.

I should also add that if you are used to Marlboro Reds, you are not going to get the same buzz with natural tobacco.

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