Your Questions About: Marijuana Benefits For Cancer Patients

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Ken asks…

Is it time for marijuana to be legalized?

You damn right it is.

– Millions of americans use it everyday as medical and for recreational needs and would use it more instead of others.

Marijuana can be used to help our economy recover from its damage by government taxing.

– Also would you rather have someone drunk driving or someone high driving? Think about it.

Marijuana is also proven to help people concentrate more. Proven to help kids focus.

– Legalization would mean a lower price; thus, related crimes (like theft) would be reduced.

– There are medical benefits such as the those for cancer patients.

– Police and court resources would be freed up for more serious crimes.

– Drug dealers (including some terrorists) would lose most or all of their business.

– The FDA or others could regulate the quality and safety of drugs.

– Like sex, alcohol, or cigarettes, marijuana is one of life’s little pleasures for some people.


Potter answers:

Yes it is. And I don’t even smoke the stuff. But if it helps people who are sick, why not legalize it. Not like its any worse than half of the crap that the pharmaceutical companies are putting out.

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