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Robert asks…

Prostitution, marijuana and gambling?

I know this will be VERY controversial but I think in the USA all 3 should be legalised. I don’t see how (if legally monitored and regulated) they can do any harm whatsoever. None have any physical side effects (except for prostitution, but hygeine is easy enough to monitor). What is worse about these than let’s say alcohol or cigarettes? Also, I think if they are legalised, after a few years the rate of occurences will be significantly less than they were beforehand.

The alternative is to ban alcohol and cigarettes of course, otherwise it’s a total hypocrisy.

Btw I’m from the UK o gambling is actually legal here. I don’t see any problem with it at all. I personally think it’s a fear of the unkown for all three, which in actual fact, in legalised form, are totally harmless.
With regards to health, marijuana has MANY more positive uses than negative.
What’s the difference between paying for a hooker and paying for a hotel room?

Potter answers:

I think its more of a moral thing. They may not be dangerous but how would it make our country look if we suddenly legalized these things?

Prostitution can cause many STD’s and how is legally selling your body for money a reasonable idea??

Marijuana may not have as much effect as alcohol or cigarettes but it is still just another gateway drug this country doesn’t need. You say that alcohol and cigarettes are worse so how is legalizing marijuana going to help? Plus, marijuana is just as addictive and can have effect on your mind. I love my country but I will admit we are not as smart as we should be. If this drug is legalized students will have more access to it and thus, our overall IQ goes down even more and there goes our future.

And as for gambling, I think that is for our own good. Gambling is just full of deceiving and cheating and isn’t part of what our country represents. We are a nation of God and my God isn’t a God of gambling.

We are a nation of liberty but liberty isn’t about being able to do what you want. Its about having a voice and having a right to your natural rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. There are many ways you can argue with this and so on and so on but all together this is what I think and with the way things are right now we’re better off without these things.

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