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Sandy asks…

will i be drug tested if caught with weed?

i was caught up with weed about a month ago, i have court tomorow for it, i want to know if and when they will test me, i am a bigger set male so i have more fat, thc is fat tolerant so i know it will be in my system more that the average male, before you judge i use for medical use only because i have a heart murmor, but i dont not have my legal scripts, but anyways, im just scared of coming up dirty and having to go on probation, my record has been completely clear untill the day i was caught, its not like i do crimes or anything, i was raised to follow the rules, but i know it was a big risk smoking without my scripts, be in mind im only 17.
im from california by the way, and it doesnt really effect my heart rate, and i dont consider myself a druggy, im sure you have all done marijuana at least once in your lifetimes

Potter answers:

More than likely if you are honest with them about being “dirty” it will have no adverse consequences. Keep in mind though, that they still may put you on probation for that offense or order you to pay restitution. I would only bring it up if they ask, but ALWAYS be honest.

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