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David asks…

How can I release this unforgiveness/bitterness?

The man I was going to marry left me a month ago. I have known him 7 years (we were together on and off over that period) and we have a five year old together. He has a history of smoking pot and lying/cheating which was the root of our arguments. I finally “let go” of him last year because I was constantly hurt by his actions and lack of appreciation for what I do and mostly because he refused to quit smoking pot. 3 months later he got arrested for possession of marijuana and a controlled substance. He said he had a life changing experience and literally begged for me back. I said he needed to prove it to me first but he convinced me to getting back with him bc he said he would not let his family down this time. He stood in the front of my church in front of my entire family dedicating his life to God – something totally different from who he was before. He went to church every sunday. I was the happiest I had been in the 7 years I knew him. We started making plans to get a place and get married.

Fast forward 4 months and he leaves me, and is hanging out with his old friends he smoked pot with. I caught him trying to purchase this weed substitute (its legal but toxic) called K2 in bulk to distribute and make money. He ditches his daughter last minute on his designated days. He went from being a loving father to not getting his kid to “keep me from finding another boyfriend.”

Im hurt because Im at home being the responsible one while he has all this free time to spend with friends and other girls. But if given the opportunity I dont want to go party, I want to be with my child. Its like Im angry not that I cant go out and do stuff… but that he wants to. He is not the person I met 7 years ago. He has completely screwed me and my child out of a normal life. I have fallen severely depressed over this and I am having an extremely hard time finding forgiveness in my heart for him.

How can I find it? I have prayed for God’s help so I can… cause this bitterness is eating me alive and the depression is unbearable. Medication is not an option for me, every antidepressant I have tried makes me feel abnormal. I need some tips on how to forgive…

Potter answers:

Quit bitchin

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