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Maria asks…

what is the deal with k2 and happy shaman?

when i was 15 (16 now) i smoked weed with friends on the weekend and stuff. i stopped smoking it now because i realized that i shouldn’t be doing it because of Christianity. i don’t want to take this question into religion though, i know my facts about that stuff when it comes to religion. but my friends were disappointed that i stopped because i was fun to get high with, they introduced me to 2 new things that i recently heard about which is k2, and happy shaman. Ive been looking online to see information on it and haven’t come across much, i guess my main question here is.. is happy shaman or k2 bad for you? i want a good feeling when i smoke it but i don’t want it to harm my body either, i heard that k2 is like fake weed but more damaging, and the other question that is more important is.. are both k2 and happy shaman legal in north Carolina? so to sum it all up, are both of these i guess new drugs legal?, and if they are, do they do much damage, i shouldn’t worry much about the damage part though because i smoke cigars every once in a while and i’m sure that’s waaay worse..

Potter answers:

A) christianity is not against using plants to medicate, that is just silly. IN FACT it says “partake of the gifts i’ve (he’s/god) given you”. The ONLY thing he forbid was eating from the tree of life (which imo means don’t screw around with creating fake/soulless beings). You can read the commandments all you want, not one of them says or even hints at “don’t smoke earthly plants”.

B) You are seriously misinformed if you think marijuana is ‘way worse’ than anything. Sugar does more damage than marijuana. Ignore the propaganda thrown at you and do a little research from people who actually study the effects and patients who get a better quality of life from the ‘weed’.

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