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Lizzie asks…

Is weed finally gonna be legal in CA in November?

I saw a little map of CA and the rest of the US showing areas of the US that support legalizing marijuana completely, and most of the map was for it. Especially most of CA. What do you guys think? Legalized or no? I know a lot of friends and family that would not have wanted it legal 10 years ago but now they think its a good idea because of the economy. Think how much we could make (and save) off of legalizing weed.

Potter answers:

Military supporter, I’d like to see your evidence that DUIs and MVAs will increase. And your study saying that a “considerable portion of DUIs” can be blamed upon marijuana use.

As to the question, I personally don’t know if it will pass in November. The polls show it’s increasingly become more accepted by the public as an option, but I still doubt it will be voted into law in California.

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