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Donna asks…

How should I start out for my lawn mowing “business”?

Like what should my starting prices be? I live in Nebraska, so I would also like to know legal stuff.

Potter answers:

The first thing you would want to do is called market research… Measure your own yard, find out how much this guy or that guy would charge to do it. (they’re your competition) call around and say how many acres your yard is if you can get your parents’ deed to tell you. Or just measure for feet. Then once you know what three people would charge, let them know you’ll get back to them. Now you compare your yard to yards you estimate of other people and give a better price than your competition would. Now on to advertising.. Go to your church bulletin board, go to the other church’s bulletin board. Churches are filled with senior citizens who for health reasons cant always cut their grass.

Edit–the legal stuff– keep a receipt for every payment you receive. File a 1099 at the end of the year. You could be taxed up to 30% of your untaxed income.

From there, you’ll start making money, use this money to improve your equipment, get a new blade for the mower. If you dont already have one, get a gas powered weed-trimmer and a spool of line. If you dont already have one, get a gas powered leaf blower so you can blow off the clippings. Now your service is improving and your new customers, you can charge slightly more than you would have without those extras. (keep your loyal customers prices the same or they’ll leave).. Now make something on your computer that has your company name at the top, what you can do for them in the middle and what they refer to as a “call to action” at the bottom–this is your contact info. Three quick hits on a visual ad so your reader doesnt get bored.. IM THISGUY!—-I DO THIS!!!—-CALL ME HERE!!! Boom-boom-boom.
Now you print one color copy on your printer (inks expensive) then print off 50-100 at the copy place for what shouldnt cost more than 30-40cents a color copy.
Drive around and distribute them in every small business that will let you. With these guys, offer to take a couple of THEIR ads and spread them around in return. This is how you Network and gain references.

Good luck.

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