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Donald asks…

Uk might lower the legal smoking age?

I’m 17, will the UK lower the legal smoking age soon, I get two cheap marlboros a week from this bloke in East Manchester, that’s it, well actually 10 but my mates share it out, they have a store just 2 doors down from my apartment block that sells cigarettes, I can’t buy them still
I mean, in Russia the legal drinking age is 12
So why can’t the legal smoking age be 18 in the uk?

Potter answers:

It used to be 16 but because so many kids thought it was “cool” without thinking about the risks ie. Lung cancer or emphysema they had to raise it. It’s a very nasty habit that is not easy to quit. I wish I had all the information you have when I was a kid. I believe they should raise the legal age of smoking, drinking and driving to 25. They can all kill, and in the hands of children? Well you see where I’m going with this. They’ll never lower it.

Quit now before you get addicted.

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