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Donald asks…

Why tobacco is legal. A logical reason. Even though anti-smokers will say I mentally distored.?

Prohibition in the past hasn’t worked for certain substances.
Alcohol- Can mess up a person while drunk but not for lengthy periods of time. Unless an alcoholic of course. That’s why it’s legal.
Tobacco-Causes problems for some later in life. Doesn’t take mind abilities away while using. People would smoke in their offices for years.
Other drugs- Marijuana for instance- if used frequently, people apparently become lazy and loose mental capacity even after 8 hours of use. Alcohol clears up quicker
Let’s say the whole city of New York had frequent marij. users. The work force and economy would likely go downhill to some extent.
That’s why casinos are illegal in most places. It’s about the effect of America’s economy people!!!!

Few places these days allow indoor smoking today.
Why is that such a problem for ant-smokers???
It’s not like you walk into every establishment and it’s filled with s

Potter answers:

Ever seen a history textbook? America was originally little more than a tobacco plantation.

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