Your Questions About: Legal Herbs That Can Get You High

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Maria asks…

Ways to get relax/high?

OK so I have a ton of life issues and getting high is about the only thing stopping me from doing myself in. That said I am not a weed fan. It does get me high (obviously) but I am not a fan of smoking. I do not want to do any other illegal drugs. I have been on ‘legalhigh websites but they are bullcrap highs that will kill you so I don’t want to do them either. I have been looking into sensestamps but I know nothing about them (I might try them, anyone got any info one how to take them, how they work?). I don’t necessarily want to be smashed out my brain, but the thing about getting high that helps me is that it relaxes me and isn’t time consuming. So all I want is a ‘fairly’ safe way of getting ‘high‘ (or simply greatly relaxing myself) that isn’t time consuming. A friend told me you can get high from your kitchen cupboard by using everyday things like nutmeg, spices and herbs and even gassing yourself (sounds a bit stupid but then again he is stupid so). Thanks.

Potter answers:

Those spices don’t really work you’re still smoking them.
Relaxing yourself is a state of mind. Herbal tea, good music, positive thinking, getting lost in a good movie or book, fresh air and exercise.

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