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Charles asks…

Are there any safe alternatives to cannabis?

Listen, ive had Tourrettes syndrome, Severe anxiety, and mild ocd since the 2nd grade, so dont gimme some BS anti drug talk because the only that i have found to work is pot. ive gone from man made pill to man made pill and that stuff just PLAIN DOES NOT HELP. so point being, if youre anti pot then shut your mouth and dont answer. but for those of you who do care!!! is there anything like it? legal alternatives? Not spice or k2 cause that stuff will kill you, and ive tried damiana but that stuff is terrible and does nothing but give sore throats. HELP PLEASEEEE

Potter answers:

I hate to say but there is nothing else like weed. All the legal herbs as they call it do not work . Why don’t you keep smoking weed its 2011 no one cares .
Http:// try this if you want…

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