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Sandra asks…

Are stings or bites from plants or insects dangerous during pregnancy?

I was in the garden today wearing flip flops putting the washing out! I noticed I had been stung in the foot by something when I got in, I think I was stung by a thistle or nettle bush(we have a few weeds!) I jus wandered if anyone knew about stings and bites during pregnancy , am i worrying needlessly?? I am 6 months.

Potter answers:

In most cases, yes you might be worrying needlessly, but during pregnancy, it never hurts to be extra cautious!
Have you noticed any significant reaction around the area of the sting? Have you applied any medications to the area of the sting or taken something orally? Avoid medications such as aspirin or salicylate-containing drugs, which might cause Reyes syndrome in your child.
Again, you should be fine unless you develop some allergic reaction or such. Hope this helps!

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