Your Questions About: Is Smoking Weed Dangerous While Pregnant

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Sandy asks…

Dangerous Mix of Drugs?

Me and my gf have sex about once a week. She is on birth control but we also smoke weed, drink alcohol, and sometimes take things like xanax. I have ADD and am prescribed adderall, which she may take one every once in a while. What are some of the health issues this might cause for both me and her? is she more likely to get pregnant?

Potter answers:

I am a paramedic. Yes the xanax and alcohol mixed are dangerous. She probably does not have an increased risk of pregnancy, but condoms should be used. It is most likely OK she is taking your adderall, but not with alcohol.

It sounds like you are experimenting with mixing drugs and alcohol. I have seen many overdoses where people are taking their prescribed medication at the prescribed dose but mixed them with bad results. Be careful!!!!

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