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Paul asks…

Pro’s and Con’s about Marijuana?

Im doing a persuasive speech at my school and the topic i picked is why we SHOULD legalize marijuana, so im asking the people of Yahoo! Answers for all the good and bad things about pot such as what type of effects does it have on the body (thats a con) or something like marijuana does less damage than alchohol (pro), ETC. ETC. ETC.

Potter answers:

Marijuana is not chemically addictive. It’s only psychologically addictive (like *anything* enjoyable). There are no documented withdrawal symptoms. It is, of course, damaging to the lungs if smoked. Nothing is safe to smoke. It has no significant health effects when eaten (as it’s fat-soluble, it can be infused into butter, oil, etc, and used in any recipe) and very minimal effects when vaporized (method where only the THC is vaporized while the plant matter is left un-combusted). It is absolutely impossible to overdose on THC unless you’re injecting several kg of the pure substance.

It is several magnitudes less dangerous to the health than alcohol, but I don’t consider that to be a very good argument.

The major reason it should be legal is economic. People are going to buy it and consume it whether or not it’s legal. Just like alcohol during Prohibition, legality does not significantly affect consumption. Legal, mass-farmed, taxed marijuana (even at a 100% tax would still be cheaper than illegal) keeps money in the local economy and provides government funds, where illegal marijuana is not being taxed and money often goes to organized crime. Also, it’s much cheaper to regulate legal marijuana than to attempt to police illegal marijuana.

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