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Jenny asks…

What’s with the weed stem?

so, me & my two friends wanted to know what happens if you smoke the stem off the weed bud. we have stems, & heard rumors that its hella good or it gives you a headache. what does it do?

btw, shut the **** up if you’re going to tell me not to smoke, i don’t give two ***** and i will not read it if you do say something like that. i am asking this question to get an answer, not a god damn lesson. so don’t even waste your time.
otherwise, thank you!

“Alright guys i wasn’t asking for an opinion i was asking for an answer to my question. I personally believe smoking weed is safer and healthier than drinking alcohol, but its legal over pot (for some bizarre reason). Its just a person’s preference, and just because you don’t agree with it doesn’t mean you have to hate.
Unless you want to answer my question, don’t bother posting here. I don’t care if you don’t smoke and have an answer, thats fine too. I just don’t really care about your opinions honestly. ”
found from someone’s weed question. just sayin.

Potter answers:

You can make homemade hash out of it :
1st: buy 99.9% isopropyl
2: put stems in a cup
3: pour isopropyl in with stems ( pour it so that its higher then the stems)
4: cover with tinfoil , then poke holes in the top with toothpick
5: cover for about 6 hours
6: get a plate that has a little dip into and pour the liquid onto it ( do not put the stems on the plate.. Thats why theres holes in the tinfoil)
7: the isoproply will evaporate with 24 hours or so and you will have hash.

… You can also put the hash in the freezer to make it harder , its really good with hot knifes and its a good high … Dont worry about the isporpyl it will be all evaporated so ur not smoking that lol

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