Your Questions About: Is Hash More Expensive Than Weed

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Mark asks…

Cannabis should be legalized?

Cannabis, Weed, Blow, Shit. No matter what you call it Weed is the greatest drug on the planet and if you’re at least 20 you will have tried it in the past or still be taking it.
hash despite what they tell you doesn’t harm you more than cigarette’s do because weed isn’t addictive despite what you may think the feeling you get from taking it is and that’s why you may think it’s addictive Weed I don’t think should be legalized because then big corporations would sell low strength bad strains and very expensive versions of it but taking it and possesion of it should be a misdemeanor at most.
Who else thinks differently

Potter answers:

Hi from France ?

Alcohol is more dangerous and it is legal, so …

Have a nice day,


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