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Laura asks…

Uncertain about the new doctor, what should I do?

I am a well off man, not young anymore, retired from the government service where I held a high office. Now I look after my large property in the countryside. I have a large staff. Recently a new doctor came to the neighbourhood – a foreigner but a certified MD with a long unpronounceable name, something like Chambaba, or Chadibaba, or Chakambababa, or whatever. I had an annual medical screening for my household, and he checked their pulses, and announced that one of them, a young woman called Fatima was extremely ill. Then he gave her a a draught, which did not help her, then another a draught, which made her worse, then I got angry with him and he said that he would go to the lake to search for a healing herb to give to Fatima. His conduct seems so unprofessional to me. I wonder if he is a quack. There are no other doctors in the neighbourhood – what should I do?

Potter answers:

Do NOT trust the dwarf!

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