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Jenny asks…

Can you get high off of herbs, other then hemp?

The other day, me and my boyfriend were messing around, and we decided to try and smoke candy cigarettes. We knew it wouldn’t work, we we’re just in it for the laughs. But it did spark up a question, can you get high from herbs other then marijuana? like parsley, cilantro, bayleaf, etc. hahah. we’re settling an arguement.

Potter answers:

Hemp and marijuana are totally different things. Hemp is grown for many reasons; clothing, fuel, food, but not for smoking. Marijuana (sensi) is the complete opposite. It’s mostly just grown for getting high and medicinal properties.

As for your question, smoking parsley and cilantro isn’t a good idea. Plenty of kids out there desperate for a high have tried just about everything. Most plants when smoked are only going to make you feel like your lungs are on fire. Any high you feel would most likely be from lack of oxygen getting to the brain and be very short lived.

I’ve heard stories of people smoking nutmeg for a high. Supposedly you feel rather sick and very light headed. But I don’t see why anyone would be willing to try it out. THC is only found in marijuana, and there isn’t anything similar in your kitchen.

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