Your Questions About: Herbs That Make You High

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Thomas asks…

Natural herbs or pills that make you high?

Are there any natural herbs or pills that you can buy at a drug store or smoke shop that make you high or fell good? I know 5htp is a mood lifter and what not but does anybody know anything else that does something?
besides spice, and salvia

Potter answers:

You can trip pretty good off of nutmeg, buy whole nutmegs at your grocery store and crunch on 3-4 nuts and then swallow them. I about 8 hours you’ll feel pretty buzzed. You should peak at around 12 hours.
Once I took nutmeg and walked down a quiet little country road late at night, and thought I saw a bear laying on the side of the road. So I went back the next day and it was a big pile of tires.

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