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Thomas asks…

I need an herbal smoking blend that will get me high?

I am looking for an alternative to marijuana that will get me high it doesn’t have to be a marijuana type high. I was smoking a product from They were good but have gone under legislation in Oklahoma. Does anyone know of an alternative. I have tried a couple of other herbal “smoke” shops online and none of them gave me what I was looking for. They did give me a headache and waste my money. I know people are going to tell me not to get high. But hey being high has been proven to reduce blood pressure, reduce overactive heart rate and murmurs. It has been directly linked to creativity and I can tell you that I am a more well rounded productive citizen when I am high. Some people may not need it. I understand that but, some people use it as a mini-vacation after a hard days work. My use is no worse than taking anti-depression medication. As stated any help is greatly appreciated.
I think I found one called mindcense but I can’t seem to find a way to order it.

Potter answers:

I like Skunk Blueberry. It’s the best 50-state legal blend out right now IMO. If you’re interested I included a link to my fave online store that sells herbal incense, sacred plants, etc. Peace

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