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Joseph asks…

What exactly is herbal hookah, shisha made of?

I want to try the herbal alternative to the traditional hookah but what exactly does herbal hookah contain besides the molasses and flavor? I know its not marijuana or any other illegal substance but what kind of herbs are inside. does it have the same feeling of regular tobacco? I know it is still smoking so no answers regarding – “don’t do either”
I know what the smoking aparatus is, I am talking about that “grass” you smoke. What herbs are they?

Potter answers:

Hookah is actually made out of clay and a shisha is made of glass. Tobacco is put inside both of them, so the only difference is what they are made out of. Some hookahs have non-tobacco substance in them but i heard it tastes like grass, and i have heard from my brother who works at a hookah lounge that it has the same feeling as regular tobacco since it is regular.

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