Your Questions About: Herb That Gets You High

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Ruth asks…

How Was Your First Experience, Smoking?:p A Herb?

Well Ive Only Done It One Time,
And It Was Kush,
It Was A Unplanned Thing,
It Was After-school,
With A Apple Pipe, :p

Everone Knows Your First Time You Dont Get Completely “High
Im NOT Planning That Being My Last Time,

But Yeah I Didnt Feel Much Since It Was My First Time,
Ive Felt Better With AirWick,

What About You Guys,?

Potter answers:

I smoked hash… I felt calm after but not really anything

the first time I smoked weed (the 2nd time I smoked cannabis) I didn’t get high. My boyfriend was like “wtf” so he kept hitting me on bowls of green crack lol (super sativa kush)

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