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Ken asks…

Am I going insane from marijuana (paranoid 3 days after)?

So on new years morning (1AM or something, a few days ago) my brothers and I decided to smoke some Magic Dragon (we bought it from Happy High Herbs).

I had 1 full pipe and as usual, I started remembering tons of childhood experiences (this happened the other 2 times I’d done Magic Dragon) and everything I did, about 1 second later, would remind me of a similar action I did in my childhood. Like touching the park bench from behind reminded me of the time I did that in my old park where I grew up.

Anyway, I sprawled out on the grass and felt like my body was defragmenting from this intense light (sorta like a tunnel) shining on me from the right and above me. It felt like I was made of sand and the more I focused my attention on the experience (and less on normal “reality”), the more I was being blown away, and my whole body got progressively more tingly…And I felt like someone or something was telepathically communicated with me and telling me to take some more so I could fully dissolve and experience “ego death” or something, which I’d read about.

So I took another, very large, pipe of Magic Dragon…From here I was hyperventilating, shaking and VERY paranoid for the next few hours. I was having a panic attack :(. It was just like entering a nightmare, which I’d felt before when smoking just 1 cone but the 2 put me over the edge. Before, I felt like I had the ability to enter the nightmare/dream if I wanted to, this time I had no choice, I entered it :(. I’d be lying on the ground thinking I was being eaten by bugs and grasshoppers, or demons were attacking me, that my brothers were going to leave me scared in the park, that I was losing my mind, and even having serious suicidal thoughts which were completely alien to me so far in my life!

Anyway, all in a bad trip, right? Not really 🙁 the next few days I was/am still very paranoid, and what I now know as “Depersonalized”. However, this isn’t the first time I’ve felt Depersonalized – I’d felt it the day after getting drunk – and thankfully, after 3 days this feeling has more or less gone away. At least, I can forget about depersonalized feeling by focusing on what I’m doing. And the paranoia has diminished, but not as much as I would like.

For example, the last 2 nights, I’ve gone to bed at 10 PM, but woken up at 12:36 AM (last night, and 12:37 AM tonight) from a panic attack. Last night it was much worse than when I woke up tonight a few hours ago…Last night I was hallucinating and hearing voices/screams but tonight it was just a serious feeling of not being myself, depersonalization. Both nights, after I wake and get up, my body is tingly and I feel like I’m still high again. So I just wait out the night on my computer because I’m too scared to try sleep in the darkness. When morning comes I can sleep more or less normally, I guess because my mind is more at ease with the light filling my room, making me feel safer.

I’m wondering, is what I’m experiencing normal and when, if ever, should I expect to recover from this? I want to be able to go back to sleeping from 10 PM til morning time without waking up after 1 sleep cycle, doing things during the night, then going back to sleep in the morning!

P.S. be careful with how much Magic Dragon you take, anyone who reads this, because it’s a strong drug albeit legal!!
Sorry, I forgot to add this: in Australia, “Magic Dragon” can be purchased from the legal high shop “Happy High Herbs” and from what I understand of it, its effects are pretty much the same as marijuana.

Potter answers:

I’ve never heard of magic dragon, but if it’s any kind of knock off marijuana, don’t smoke it.. Its not good for you at all.. My best friend works in the E.R. And he has patients coming in all the time because of that fake weed it raises you blood pressure alot and messes with their mind in a negative way. If you were to smoke anything smoke the illegal real marijuana you can’t compare anything to that.

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