Your Questions About: Health Benefits Of Smoking Tobacco

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Nancy asks…

Obama signs kids’ health insurance bill. Your thoughts?

Here’s an excerpt from this article that I found interesting;

1. Opponents of the bill complained that the tobacco tax increase hits the poor the hardest, because they are more likely to smoke than wealthier people. Many also took exception to expanding the program and Medicaid to children of newly arrived legal immigrants.


As a former smoker of 1 year and 2 months; I personally can attest that health wise smoking is bad. Period. There are no “healthy” benefits. Also it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you’re poor; food and shelter should be your main priority. Not “smoking.” The argument that the tobacco tax hits the poor the hardest should be a matter of “priorities.” Rich, middle class or poor; Tobacco isn’t an “essential” item period. Link:

Potter answers:

It’s about time we fixed the children’s health program. Tobacco taxes do hit the poor harder, but they have more to gain by giving it up, and more of them do, or they cut back. ?°)

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