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Carol asks…

My Mom told me that smoking pot is bad, what if i’m stealing all my pot from her.?

She told me that smoking pot is terrible, its bad for my health, and it has no benefits whatsoever. I told her that if i “were” to smoke that i would use a vaporizer to save my lungs and have a better experience overall. Her response to that was.. “if i find any pot in this house, or in your room i will call the police and have you arrested.” What she doesn’t know, is that i’m stealing all my pot from her dresser.She doesn’t have a prescription for it, because she has no major health issues.. I know she doesn’t because she just gave birth to a 100% healthy girl.. I suspect that she did not smoke weed while pregnant, so i’m not worried about that, but i still don’t know how she can pass judgement onto me, and be so damn hippocritic. What should i do? Should i confront my mom and say “I’ve been stealing all my pot from you, So if you wanna have me arrested.. your gonna go down with me.” Any advice would be awesome. Oh, and please don’t try to tell me anything about weed being unhealthy, or that it kills brain cells, because recent studies have already disproved those dumb ass theories AND i smoke out of vaporizers, i use Bee line to light my marijuana. Bee line is a 100% safe lighting method that uses woven himp string covered in bee’z wax, instead of butane lighters which contain disgusting chemicals, and other nasty things like that. I’m a very healthy smoker who just wants to get a nice high before starting my homeschooling (FLVS) because it chills me out, i focus easier.. and its just easier to do things high. I don’t do it to fit it, i don’t do it because i think its cool, i do it because it helps ME. I do not get an adrenaline rush from smoking pot and start saying “Oh my gosh, i could so totally get caught, hehehe, this is so fun!” Search Bee-Line for more info if you wanna get your hands on a safe lighting method.

Potter answers:

I agree with everything you’re saying. I really hate parents that tell their kids you shouldn’t do something but their doing it their selves… What kind of example is that to set for a kid? If you tell the kid not to do it but you’re doing, the kid’s gonna look at it and think well… She’s doing it so It must not be all that bad.

But anyways yes, I think you should probably confront your mother about it even thou some sh*t might go down. I think you should definitely confront her thou. It doesn’t matter if you’re the kid and she’s the adult.. She’s suppose to set an example and she’s not setting a very good one smoking weed behind the curtains when she tells you not to do it.

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