Your Questions About: Hashish Vs Cannabis

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Sharon asks…

marijuana vs. hashish…?

so.. just curious. I know hashish comes in bricks and is dark. I know it’s derived from the cannabis plant. But, it it just like… mass-processed, or is it like bricks of resin? Not too sure. Only answer if you know what you’re talking about. Thanks :]
actually, just answer this… WHAT IS HASHISH.

Potter answers:

Hashish–the resinous secretions of the cannabis plant that are collected from the flowering tops, dried, and then compressed into various forms, such as balls, cakes, and cookie-like sheets. This form of cannabis is generally more potent than marijuana, having a THC content ranging from trace amounts up to 20%. Hashish is the major form of cannabis used in the Middle East and North Africa. In the Far East, the dried resinous exudate is called “charas.”

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