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William asks…

I need help. Why am I such a paranoid person?

I need help. Why am I such a paranoid person?
At night, I sit in my bed and think people are watching me from my window. If I hear a noise, I think that people are scratching through the window, and I am going to be killed tonight. I think that people have secret motives and are trying to figure me out or something.. like people will purposely tell me to do something so that they can watch me and see my reaction. When I walk in the streets, if someone is coming my way, I feel at the moment they are passing me, they will stick a knife into my stomach. And then I feel that after they pass me, they might wait for me to continue walking and then start chasing me or point a gun at me. Mainly I feel like I am being watched a lot and that someone is going to kill me. So, is this normal? I am 17 female. I am not on drugs, I have done them a few times (only smoked hashish and pot) a few months ago, but I was always like this. In fact, this is another Yahoo! ID that I use so that I can ask these kinds of questions without someone finding out. And I put my name as “Rudy” when that is NOT my name. Don’t tell me I need help or I am crazy. I already feel so self-conscious. Is this something I will grow out of, or am I just a little more paranoid than the average teen. I am OK with that.

Potter answers:

It sounds like you have an anxiety disorder. I’ve had a problem with anxiety also. It can get out of control if you don’t try to control it. Just try to realize that most of your thoughts are irrational and that might help. There are also medications that really help with reducing anxiety, you may need to see a doctor if it doesn’t improve. Good luck

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