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Ken asks…

Who makes the nicest cake?

My Mum makes the best sponge cake I make a good Hash cake Germans make lovely pastries. I don’t like them bagels though they taste like rubber tyres.
I love cake
Silly little ol me posting in this section.

Can you send me some samples of the Torte and cheesecake I really want them now. Joking of course I believe you very much.
Am I thinking of my stomach too much?
I want to know who makes the nicest so I can visit them first.

Potter answers:

THE SUN, moley. Here’s the recipe..

Sunshine Cake

You ought to bake a sunshine cake
It does more good than a big thick steak
Start with a tablespoon of trouble,
Then add a smile and let it bubble …up!

Now it’s not in a recipe book
And you don’t have to be a good cook
Or run to the kitchen and look
With such a a simple dish,
All you do is wish

So, off to make a sunshine cake!
It isn’t really hard to make
Friends say there’s nothing like the flavor
Go ahead, moley, do your friends a favor
And for goodness sake!…
Let’s…make…a sun….shine…

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