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Mark asks…

What cheese is good to substitute for manchego cheese?

I found a recipe for manchego & nutmeg gougeres and I’ve never heard or seen manchego cheese. First off, what type of cheese is it and second, what would be a good substitute for it? Hopefully the link will work & you can see the recipe.

Thanks & Happy New Years!
Keyscops: Thanks! I had never heard of it and just signed onto that particular website & it brought up that for a recipe. Looked good! 10 points will go to you as soon as the allotted time is up! Thanks again & Happy New Years!

Potter answers:

Manchego is a sharp, hard Spanish sheeps milk cheese. You could substitute parmesan, romano, or a very sharp, white, english cheddar.

Manchego is an excellent cheese with fruit and/or with honey on it too.

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