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Michael asks…

Is smoking Cinnamon Oil(the edible version used to flavor beverages) safe?

My husband uses the “e-smoke” cigarettes, and he can’t find the cinnamon flavored vapor fluid, they sell the unflavored version… so he was considering getting the unflavored and putting the flavoring oil into it… but I want to make sure that inhaling it into the lungs isn’t going to be dangerous..

Anyone have any ideas??
No, he isn’ that why I’m asking if anyone knows of the side effects or problems it could He has not done it yet, we are gathering information 🙂
Does anyone have any websites that they could direct me to?

Potter answers:

Mint oils, pepper oils, spice oils can burn right through your skin. They can even be used ( and are) for pesticides). If anything, it would have to be a very weak mixture ( not something he should attempt).
Inhaling pure cinnamon oil wouldn’t work. I doubt it can even be done without heaving.Cinnamon oil is so strong that it takes only one drop to flavor 5lbs of cream for making pastries. Put a drop on your finger and taste it. It’s extremely hot.
No way. Don’t even attempt it. It would have to be very, very diluted to work.

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