Your Questions About: Five Effects Of Earthquakes

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Steven asks…

Effects of earthquakes?

1.What would be some problems during the first five minutes of the earthquake?
2. What would be some problems after the shaking has finished?
(I need at least five ideas! Please help!)
Thank you!

Potter answers:

Well there are many problems during the first five minutes of an earthquake (if it lasts that long), such as gas pipes breaking, water mains breaking, bridges falling, skyscrapers tumbling, falling objects that you have to dodge in the house and/or office, and huge rifts in the ground.
Some problems after the shaking is finished are that the gas lines and water lines leak, there may have been a spark near a building or gas line so there could be a huge fire, buildings may have fallen making it hard for rescuers to get to the trapped people, things have fallen in the way or the ground has been torn up so people cant get where they need to be. Hope i helped

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