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Richard asks…

weed brownies first time?

first time i ate just half of one and not sure if i got the full effect. i just felt happier like for fifteen minutes then back to normal. i probably should of hhad more but it was first time so i was skeptical aha. If i try more how much should i eat if im like 115 pounds and not get caught?

&&dont tell me its bad pleease.

Potter answers:

I truly doubt you’re getting a straight answer, but if you’re actually looking to get high, you should probably try smoking marijuana, rather than eating brownies. Or try putting more pot in the brownies, or marijuana tea. I don’t know. These are just suggestions because I’ve never tried pot, and I want you to get an answer besides, “It’s bad for you.” Although I wouldn’t say marijuana is strictly “bad” for you, nor can I force you not to do drugs, but just be careful, hon.

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