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Daniel asks…

Will I notice bad hypothyrodism side effects if stopping 0.1 mgs of Synthroid for 2 months? My endocrinologist?

told me to stop taking the synthroid for 2 months to see if I am still hypothyroid. I am a 25 year old male and started taking Synthroid when I was 21 2 months after quiting paxil which I took for 6 years. So I think the paxil messed up my thyroid then and docters didn’t know it. So he told me to quit the drugs for 2 months and then I will do a bloodtest , antibodies,t-4,t3 ,tsh etc . Am I in for a ride for the next 2 months . My Mom has Hypothyrodism which she got in her 40’s however so many women have it. I feel that synthroid might be over pescribed for many young people.

Potter answers:

IF you had it, you still do. Yes, you are in for a ride if you do it. I would not. BTW, lately, more & more teens are finding they have it … Rather than OVER prescribed, it is MUCH UNDER prescribed. Apparently, you have not heard the horror stories of all the folks who have suffered for 20 yrs before FINALLY finding a knowledgeable doctor that knows what tests to run (antibodies as well as TSH).

God bless

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