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Michael asks…

Effects of quitting weed?

I’ve been a smoker since the age of 13, i began with hash & would smoke every couple days. Then I moved to weed at 16, thats when i became an everyday smoker, i was young and didn’t realise that smoking everyday wasn’t good for the head, and would smoke more & more each day till the age of 22, i know a lot of you stoners are gonna be screaming pot is good for you bla bla bla but i can tell you 1st hand that smoking it from a young age everyday is not, alot of my friends agree with me and can vouch for that.

Its addictive in a mental sense and supresses your motivation to get up off that stoned a$$ and get the goals and achievements that life has to offer. instead you sit there in daydream land or else chase mr weed man for some dank.
Any hows i just gave it up after 9 years altogether. and today is day 5 (i never went more than 1 day for a long time) and have to say that ive been having crappy mood swings, nothing major but still sucks, like im irritated and angry over little petty things, im also mildly depressed, i’ve got insomnia aswell as horrible nightsweats. a touch of anxiety. i know ppl say that dreams become more vivid ladi dadi but tbh i would dream all the time when smoking & had 1 since i last smoked, my appetite has gone and my sex drive has hit the roof(not so bad lol). Have any of you been in similar situation of giving up after smokin nearly most of your life. How long till mj leaves my system? how long till the side effects of quitting go away? will i become bi-polar or something else due to the moodswings?
thanks for taking the time to view my Q’.

N.B. i believe weed is useful in medical practices and should be legalised and regulated so that it can be controlled and cleaner etc. I do believe however that abusing it everyday has more negative effects than positive…again just my personal opinion.


Potter answers:

I started at the same age. It took me years to recover and rebuild my life. I’m 23 now and almost finished study at uni (a diploma in network engineering).

The sooner you start the better. The alternative is a wasted life. I stopped drinking alcohol as well and did a detox diet.

Also memory exercises are a good idea since you started smoking weed before age 16.

Try and learn new things as well. Exercise your brain and eat healthy food and i’m sure you will eventually recover.

I also had acid, ecstasy, cocaine and speed. So if all you’ve had is weed then I am hopeful that your recovery time will be shorter.

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