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Michael asks…

Marijuana and PREGNANCY.?

I’m here to be completely honest about everything because I want honest answers. I am 18 weeks pregnant – a little over 4 months, and I’ve been smoking weed everyday since before I got pregnant. When I found out that I was expecting, I was excited. I quit smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol the moment I found out. I had also planned on quitting marijuana but it would be a bit more tricky, so I cut back drastically. When I was around 6 weeks pregnant I started getting morning sickness and I STILL to this day suffer from severe morning sickness. I was told by a few people that it was safe to take during pregnancy and would work wonders for my morning sickness. It didn’t sound too convincing at first until I did some research. I came across a few different studies and tons of forums stating that marijuana had no solid evidence that it can harm the fetus at all during gestation, so I turned to it for morning sickness, and it truly is the most miraculous working medication I’ve taken for it! I was prescribed Diclectin at one point, I was taking it for a couple weeks. It seemed to have worked at first. I was taking 2 tablets a day, 1 in the morning, 1 at night. 2 weeks later my morning sickness intensified and I was prescribed to take an EXTRA pill in the afternoon. That was all fine and dandy… until I saw the price tag attached to the prescription. I was paying $36 for a 5 day supply – $81 every 2 weeks. My money was burning RIGHT through my pocket. I ran out of my prescription and wasn’t able to get my medication until LATE that night…the result? I threw up EVERYTHING I would put in my mouth, and continue to throw up every 30-40 minutes even if my stomach was empty. I through up a total of 12 times in 8 hours and was in agony. That’s when a friend of mine brought marijuana back into the picture, and feeling so helpless about my situation I decided to try it. It worked INSTANTLY! I took 3 baby hoots and I no longer had ANY nausea and was actually able to eat, thanks to muchies. ANYWAYS, because I have something to link marijuana to, I’m having a harder time quitting. I want to quit so badly but it just works too amazing. Now that I’m 18 weeks, my morning sickness has simmered down enough that I can handle it just by keeping up with my eating, so I want to quit. I also have a few people stressing me out, saying that “OH, You’re baby’s gonna have down syndrome.” or “The baby’s gonna be stillborn.” I do NOT appreciate those types of comments because I have enough of that going through my own head and I stress myself out about these possibilities every minute of every day. It’s not that I’m ignorant, or selfish and don’t care about my baby because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be sitting here practically in tears asking the public for advice, and I wouldn’t want to stop. My question is, Is it too late to quit? IF there are any effects possible, would the damage already be done? I’ve had an ultrasound at 13 weeks and they said everything looked perfect, including the heartbeat. Is it too late? Is it safe for me to quit right now? Remember I’ve been smoking everyday since about 7 weeks, and also chronically before pregnancy. Any bit of reassurance would help. If it’s save to do so, I will quit cold turkey right now. Please help me out, if you know anyone who smoked weed regularly during pregnancy, how did their baby’s turn out? I just want to hear that my baby is going to be alright. 🙁

Potter answers:

I smoked for the first 6 months of my 1st pregnancy for my horrible depression, and stopped for the last 3 since that’s when brain development is most prominent (even though there is no evidence anything negative could happen, I wanted to be sure. Not only that, but it can take up to 90 days for mj to leave your system, if the hospital does a drug test it can come up positive in you and your baby… Which can lead to a visit from social services in some places. However from my knowledge they cannot drug test you or your baby without consent/reason. Also I found this out just recently, it was a lucky coincidence I guess!)
My little girl was born with an almost perfect apgar score, by c-section (she got stuck). She was a “good” baby, even slept through the night (6 hours straight, lol) by 2 months. She is now two years old, no abnormal development delays of any kind, tall for her age, and otherwise 100% great. She is a smart girl, and such a sweetie. There is no evidence that mj causes any kind of birth defects, in fact there isn’t much bad about it at all. My only concern would be the smoke inhalation I guess (think res build up), but I used a vaporizer most of the time. My friend also used mj for morning sickness, she said it was the only thing that helped, her child is 3 now and is also 100% fine in all ways.
Don’t let people scare you with their assumed, and usually propaganda filled information. If anything cigarettes should be illegal, but we all know where this goes. As far as any studies (like the one in Jamaica for example) show either nothing is wrong, many children are calmer or exactly like their peers, or it’s all inconclusive. If it helping you get the nutrition you need to fuel your body and feed your baby, better and cheaper than any drug, I don’t see why not.
But if you no longer need to use it for that purpose, then I suggest you give it a break until after pregnancy. If you don’t need it, don’t use it for now would be my advice. See if you can wean off of it slowly and try and find foods that can agree with you. Don’t want you ending up in the hospital with dehydration or worse because you can’t keep food down.
I am pregnant right now and have once again been using moderate amounts when I become severely depressed, I also plan to stop soon since I’ve hit the 6th month.
The fact that you care enough to ask, question, and do research of your own already tells me you are being responsible and will be a good mother. Listen to yourself and what is inside, your own body will tell you what is doing you good and what is doing you bad. Don’t let anxieties and fears put out by others bring you down, you clearly are doing your best and want what is best. So kudos to you, there are plenty of moms who drink, smoke, and do other drugs throughout their pregnancies without one damn to even think twice. It’s not to late, and I’m very sure that your baby is in perfect health and will be come the day you get to hold him/her. 🙂

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