Your Questions About: Effects Of Eating Weed Cookies

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Sharon asks…

how do i redeem myself? how do i forget about the embarrassment? should i even be embarrassed, im so confused?

well last week at school i decided to eat a cookie made out of weed. before 8th period started. and it started to take effect while i was still in class. i started panicking because my body lost control. my body was hot. i thought i was going to die. everything seemed out of place. i didnt know what to do. so i decided to go outside. and wait for the period to be over.

the effect lasted for 3 days. i dont even know what to think, should i be embarrassed or what?

Potter answers:

Lol bit of a bad trip! Ah well…life goes on, don’t worry about it, everyone does it growing up…some can handle it, some can’t lmao!

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