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Steven asks…

What are the negative after effects of quitting weed?

Iv been smokin like crazy since I was 12 I’m almost 20 n tryna change my life around. I’m starting college in september so I started cutting back haaaaard to a p5 a day and I’ve had headaches ever since. I even smoked and it still hurts. It’s also hard to eat. Maybe I should just quit cold turkey???? It’s soo hard!! Plz tell me ur xperiences thnx!!!!
honestly both answers were PERFECTO……ill leave it in the vote.thanks guys. its true i cried for like an hour last night for no reason…thought about problems I dont usually

Potter answers:

There is no such thing as a physical addiction to weed. So, you will just have to break your emotional/psychological habits that rely on weed. As a long time and avid smoker myself, when you quit it sucks. The day feels so long and you feel like you’re not yourself (boring, sad, etc.). It goes away as long as you find positive things to replace the weed – both for altering mood and entertainment. I suggest taking up a hobby like painting or disc golf. Also, look forward to TONS of extra cash now that you’re not buying weed. Treat yourself with some and save the rest. (Don’t fall into the habit of shopping all the time with the money instead. It got me into trouble.)

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