Your Questions About: Difference Between Hashish And Hash

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Betty asks…

What is the difference between hash and hashish?

This dispensary sells both. Hash is twice as expensive. What’s the difference?

Potter answers:

The “hashish” at your dispensary is probably what people on here are thinking of when they think of hash, an example is this:

The “hash” is most likely bubble hash, earwax hash, powder hash, or honey oil hash like this:

The difference being you melt the earwax/bubble/powder/honey oil hash into your weed, while the “hashish” you smoke the same way as marijuana. Here’s an example of hash melted into cannabis:

And an example of how “hashish” should be smoked:

The reason why the two are different is simple; the “hashish” is made from trimmings while the “hash” is made from pure high grade kief.

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