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Paul asks…

Salvia, good or bad?

Potter answers:

Here is some information on it…. You can decide for yourself. I dont think it will hurt you unless you are driving or taking care of the kids or something that requires you to be alert.

What are the effects of Salvia divinorum? #

Salvia divinorum produces unique effects that are difficult to accurately describe by comparing them to those produced by other psychoactive plants or drugs. The primary psychoactive chemical in Salvia divinorum is salvinorin A, but there may be other minor chemicals that affect its action. Effects vary, based on dose and method of ingestion. Effects range from very light, at lower doses, to overwhelmingly strong at higher doses. While Salvia divinorum’s effects are usually grouped with other visionary-class psychoactives such as smoked DMT, its effects are so radically different that such comparisons can often just lead to misunderstandings. Some effects that have been reported are:

Loss of physical coordination
Uncontrollable laughter
Visual alterations or visions
Experiencing multiple realities
A contemplative sense of peace
Sense of profound understanding
Dream-like veneer over the world
Sense of total confusion or madness
Seeing or becoming part of a tunnel
Loss of sense of awareness as an individual
Experiencing a “non-Euclidean” geometry
Sense of flying, floating, twisting, or turning
Feeling of being immersed in an energy field
Feeling of being connected to a larger “whole”
Feeling of being underground or underwater
Appearing to travel to other places and/or times
Becoming inanimate objects (a wall, stairs, a couch, etc.)
Viewing patterns or shapes that are tube-like, snake-like, or worm-like
Despite the fact that Salvia divinorum is, on rare occasions, marketed as a “legal Cannabis substitute”, the effects that it produces are not generally perceived as being like those produced by Cannabis. However, many miscellaneous herbs are touted as ‘cannabis substitutes’ without any significant similarity to Cannabis effects. S. Divinorum is not considered a ‘party drug’, as its effects are not particularly conducive to social interaction, tend towards the non-verbal, and can often be extremly disconcerting and frightening. Those experienced with Salvia divinorum generally use it in more quiet settings for introspective contemplation and meditation. The expectations and interests of those using it for the first time vary considerably, but often include seeking the novelty of a new psychoactive experience. From most reports, only a small portion of those who get a strong salvinorin experience return very often to that strange space.

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