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Michael asks…

Maybe drug induced psychosis? As well help dealing with stress. (long story)?

Ok… I had been using for around 3-4 years. I realize now I had delusions within the first year. All that got worse from the continually drug use obviously. Now I’ve been off drugs for around 5 months. The symptoms have died down a whole lot but, they died down the most within the first month. I can’t tell whether its getting better or worse I think it might be getting better because I can tell what are delusions usually after at most like a few days at least a few minutes don’t get as many delusions but, I have been getting worse hallucinations in the past 3 days probably from all the stress of life. I heard somewhere it might go away after 18 months I don’t know if mine will what you think? I used to never talk while on drugs, and have many grandiose delusions with intense visual hallucinations. Now I get delusions of talking with telepathy or something like that but, I can tell its not real most of the time as well I don’t really have visual hallucinations any more more like visual disturbances like everything still looks like it did when I smoked weed as well I got hppd I think cuz, everything looks like it has scwigally clearish lines on it but, this is completely different from when I was using because I used to get dream like hallucinations. Do you think this will be forever and what do you think I should do to deal with stress. I have no friends right now, can’t talk very well have no hobbies, and I have no girlfriend. As well I feel I set to high of borders for myself. Oh, yeah and do you think it would be bad if I smoked a legal cannabis substitute just like once every few months until I get some friends or a girlfriend or at least a more balanced life just to relax?

Potter answers:

Magical thinking superstitiousness, belief in clairvoyance, telepathy, or “sixth sense”
Unusual perceptual experiences, Ideas of reference and paranoid ideation
Thinking that people can read your mind/ or control your thoughts
Thinking that your thoughts are being broadcast
Lack of close friends or confidants other than first-degree relatives
Unusual speech patterns such as loose or vague, tendency to go off on tangents

Schizotypal personalities are characterized by odd forms of thought, perception and beliefs. They may have bizarre mannerisms, an eccentric appearance, and odd patterns of speech that is excessively elaborate and/or difficult to follow. However, these cognitive distortions and eccentricities are only considered to be a disorder when the behaviors become persistent and very disabling or distressing. They may dress in peculiar ways and have very strange ways of viewing the world around them. Often they harbor unusual ideas, such as ESP or can magically influence people’s thoughts, actions and emotions.

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