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George asks…

Party Pills? Need information?

I’ve been thinking about buying some completely legal, herbal party pills that apparently get you high, but its natural herbs that are legal and they ship anywhere in the world. I was thinking of buying some to just feel what getting high is like (ive never done drugs), but idk if it works.

Has anyone used ectasy party pills? If you have, did they work good?

And where did you buy them from? (Also how old you have to be)

Potter answers:

Be careful, they may be legal but that doesn’t mean they are safe. Real, pure MDMA (Ecstasy) is considerably safer because it is a well understood substance and doctors can treat you if and when things go wrong.

What were you thinking of buying exactly? Best advice I can give if you have already made up your mind to try them is not to use them without someone there to watch you and do NOT use a full dose first time; never use more than a single half-dose in a 24 hour period. It takes at least 24 hours before you fully know the effects and side-effects of a pill.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that “legal highs” are weak; some of them are weak but some of them are very, very strong and too much WILL make you ill and you might be left feeling rather sick and shaky for several hours.

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