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Thomas asks…

A few questions about salvia?

I’ve tried weed before, but I’m afraid of getting in trouble with the police with it. (I’m not here for your guys judgement on that)
I was wondering if salvia is a good alternative to weed?
How much does it cost? (In southern California)
Where is the best place to get it?
What type should I smoke?
What kind of high does it give?
Is it worth the price?

Having never smoked it I’m very curious.

I’m not into any hard drugs, nor I’m I have interested in trying anything other then pot and other LEGAL drugs. Please let me know, those of you who do smoke it.
Just another quick thing, I started smoking pot because I had HIGH levels of stress and it has helped relieve some of that stress. Would this also help?
ALSO! I’m 18, so it would be legal for me to buy it, I believe.

Potter answers:

Salvia is nothing like weed. Salvia causes actual trips, is way more intense but lasts about 20 mins max. It’s 50/50 on whether the trip will be good, but good or bad your experience will be at the extreme end. It’s usually more expensive too.

Salvia tends to cause stress, not relieve it. It’s also helpful to have a sitter watch you (I don’t but then I smoke too much for my own good).

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