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Lisa asks…

my best friend has become a drug addict?

i met her at work, she was in high school and graduated a few months after we met. was a good girl basically, said she smoked weed a few times and did pills 2x and smoked cigs but quit. i introduced her to my ex in feb. and they started smoking weed together. now shes done weed, legal weed, speed(once), crack(once), meth(twice) , heroin(once), several different pills and smokes cigs plus drinks a little(this is what i know of maybe more) her bf is in jail, all close friends minus me have been to jail and her drugs have made her go into debt. she can’t even be with me unless she’s high or gets high when with me. i’m scared, i’ve smoked weed and cigs but less than 10x ever just to relieve stress. i don’t wanna lose her but talking to her does nothing. she only 19 and she’s gonna die or go to jail.
advice? help?
also, shes done 9 guys since feb, was a virgin before that. she just gets screwed up and doesnt care who they are or if she uses protection. altough she is 100% loyal to her bf while he’s been in jail.

Potter answers:

Well, she’s definately going to die, like everyone.

And with the path she’s going down, she’ll probably go to jail at some point.

She might just be expirementing, but those are some seriously nasty drugs. Most 19 year olds are partying with weed or alcohol, not meth and heroin.

You should be concerned, but you can’t rat her out or anything.

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