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Lizzie asks…

The best and closest alternative to Marajuana?

Hi I havent smoked weed in about 6 months…This is because I choose not to use drugs because its not getting in trouble over. I used to smoke weed all the time to relax me and now I am never relaxed. I liked that weed used to calm me down and mellow me out. I tried k2 but it only gives me a 10 minute high, I mean good high but is a very short one. Does anyone know something that is legal and will give me a really good high, mean something I can smoke and is safe!!

Potter answers:

Weed is the best, ultimate herb of all time. Nothing can replace weed bro, you need to realize that you need to quit or get back on weed. Weed is safe, grown from the ground, is the strongest natural fiber in the world (hemp), delicious, and is the ultimate peacemaker.

And has no withdrawals!!! Ever! Its just in your head

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