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Carol asks…

How many states is recreational use of marijuana now legal in? How did this come about?

I’m not familiar with the American system but i heard that some states have now legalised use of weed and some states haven’t. Clearly this has something to do with the election, but what? Fill me in?

Potter answers:

Wkipedia: Initiative and referendum in the United States.
2012 ballot measures –

How many won’t be clear for a while yet, at least because of judicial challenges.

Enough people sign a petition to get the measure added to that year’s election ballot. If passed, this allows something to be legal within that state. For instance, tonight Maine legalized same-sex marriage.
Currently, the Federal gov’t doesn’t recognize legal pot, but the unofficial policy has been to leave well enough alone due to overcrowded jails and changing attitudes toward pot overall.

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