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Daniel asks…

Is there any reason i shouldnt be smoking marijuana?

Okay so heres my situation;
I’m 17, I smoke weed about once a week, usually on a Friday night… sometimes i go about a month without it, and very rarely I’ll have it multiple times in a week. My reason? It makes whatever you’re doing better; it mellows me out, makes everything hilarious, and just makes me feel good.

It hasn’t been linked to cancer, and considering i do it in moderation, I doubt i would develop any type of lung disease anyway. Studies show THC is less addictive than caffeine.

As for it’s legal status, I smoke 90% of the time in friends’ basements… So i don’t think the cops will be catching me. Furthermore, there aren’t too many sting operations on $20 pot deals.

I just finished my second junior semester with a 4.0 GPA… I was one of the top scorers on my schools’ varsity hockey team, and am (unofficialy) the best guitarist in my school, disproving anyone who thinks you “lose your ambition” even when you’re not high

So, is there a reason why I shouldn’t?
To the “bad for your health” people… how exactly is it bad for my health?

Potter answers:

Well, other than its illegal, that’s about the only REAL reason I can think of.

The whine that its a gateway drug is a lie.

Long term over-use is linked to killing one’s drive and motivation, so if you can keep a 4.0 GPA and actually work towards a career, sounds like you have it under control.

Of course the nah sayers will claim that there’s the chance you will lose control over time.

But everyone is different.

Personally I support the use of it for medical reasons and detest our lying government whom claim thiers no proof of a medical use, but that fight will be won some day.

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