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Lizzie asks…

why isnt pot legal? best answer gets 10 pints.?

There’s one answer I have heard a few times. Because the government can’t tax it. Well I want a different answer. I personally don’t smoke pot, however I think it should be legal. I mean why not. Its safer then alcohol. So, just tell me why its not.

Potter answers:

@ Russel, you know nothing about growing marijuana. You dont just pick off leaves and smoke it, the process of growing marijuana is far more complex and takes 3 times longer than 4 weeks. Plus you dont smoke the leaves, you smoke the buds (flowers) which only appear come autumn. Your ignorance is astonishing.

Ok well I might as well answer your question now. There are many theories as to why pot is illegal. The most famous being the fact that hemp is probably the most versatile raw material known to man. The story goes that there were dudes by the name of Du Pont who in the 30’s patented the papermill, or rather the ability to make paper from trees. Hemp was a massive substitute, as it was cheaper, made more paper per ha, and made a better quality paper. High profile figures at the time, named Anslinger and Hearst, had big time shares in the timber industry, and used there status to put a ban on marijuana. They used racism to as the catalyst to ban marijuana. I suggest you read the following link, very interesting.


Other theories also have to do with the pharmaceutical industry, but whatever the real reason, the world is starting to realise that they have been lied to all these years. Matter of time before WE as a people will demand it to be legalised.

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