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David asks…

I have a tricky question for you all, can you answer it? Please, relationship just hit a brick wall?

My girlfriend thinks I spoil myself sometimes

things she will say could be or things she has said are the following

Can’t you enjoy a shower without music?
Can’t you enjoy movies on a small TV?
Why do you need so many speakers? (I have surround sound that I put a lot of time into)

I agree to a certain extent but it’s getting us into fights, she thinks I’m totally spoiled and I don’t agree. Each generation has a higher luxury standard than the last (typically) thats just how it is. How come I can’t have my big TV and nice speakers? I earned them with my money, I bought everything used and did an amazing job because of the research I put into it. My TV I paid for, it’s not my parents money…it’s mine

2nd, why don’t I deserve these things? Why do I deserve them? I have a passion for music, I play it and write it and I want the movie theater experience w/o going to the theater. Why is this so much to ask for? Maybe I love myself enough and believe that I deserve to treat myself to these things, am I wrong? I wan’t some opinons, please…This is really stressing us out

I think it’s her thats spoiled because she doesn’t enjoy being out in nature. She hates it because theres “nothing to do”

She likes to hang out at malls, go shopping etc. It’s like she can only have fun in a man-made environment. Now tell me that isn’t spoiled!

Also, I smoke weed sometimes (occasionally) but big whoop, it’s legal in many countries and may even be legalized here soon when that bill is voted on. My opinion on weed is that its not as bad for you as alcohol and the people on it are not aggressive. thats just the gist but anyway with that said, she will drink sometimes so why can’t I say “Can’t you enjoy a party without alcohol?”

I mean where do you draw the freakin line? I just want to show her how much of a hypocrite she can be but I don’t wanna be an asshole about it, I’m just very frusterated right now and want to hear what you guys think. Please, say something productive or nice for me
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One thing I forgot to mention, she isn’t very controlling at all. It’s just that she thinks I’m spoiled and she never asks for me to buy things. We split dinner costs and everything except when we buy gifts for each other. This is really the only thing that bothers me, everything else seems fine. Just this argument never ends. And about doing things together, I just convinced her to partake in my idea that we take turns each week to suggest something that we do together but we can’t refuse. That way we can’t back out of something we don’t wanna do without ever trying it together. I have a new perspective on life these days and realize I could induce some life changing experiences with my favorite person 🙂

Potter answers:

My thoughts on this is that your taking things too seriously. When your gf says things like “cant you enjoy a shower without music?” just say something like “but i really like my music (in a nice way)” and then quickly change the subject.

As far as the buying things, you bought it already, so just agree with her, its not like she can make you throw out the new TV or the speakers you bought. Just dont ask her to go with you when you buy them.

This whole who is more spoiled thing seems a bit childish. Everyone is somewhat spoiled one way or another. You dont need to make an argument out of who is more spoiled. If she says your spoiled, make a joke about it and laugh it off.

If you really loved your gf, then i dont see how you can say all these things about her. If you really like her then you will have to let go of her flaws and get used to her critising you every once inawhile, if you dont love her, then its time to move on…

If your gf says she doesnt want you to do weed, then you should do as she says. Giving up weed for your gf is a very good way to show how much you care about her.

I think a lot of the problems are in you. You need to figure out where you want to go with this girl before you decide how you are going to change yourself.

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